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Enable CIFS auditing - GiveBack delay Event Message


I am testing enabling CIFS auditing. 


After the 'vserver audit create' command, I noticed the following event messages logged. 


wafl.vol.create.clusterVolOnCFOaggr: Creating volume 'MDV_aud_b8bc6ea641ea5b21ac25bf731b9657d' on an aggregate with a CFO HA policy. File access delays will occur for a period following giveback.


Then noticed an MDV volume like the one referenced above was created on all aggrs including the root aggrs.  I am guessing this is the reason for the warning being on a CFO Aggr. 


Am I missing a step?  Should I be concerned about this warning?  I want to enable auditing, but I don't really want the MDV volume on the root aggr, or to cause file access delays.  Should I be concerned by this configuration?


Thanks in advance!


Re: Enable CIFS auditing - GiveBack delay Event Message


The MDV volumes are normal to be distributed across  the cluster as such.


The message displayed is only a notification that it has created the volume for auditing purposes, and that file access during giveback operations may be delayed for a short period.


You can find additional information here:



Re: Enable CIFS auditing - GiveBack delay Event Message


Thank you for the reply.  I agree with your explanation.  What throws me off is the message is an error severity, because we are creating a volume on a CFO aggr which OnTap doesn't want, but by design, OnTap creates the MDV volume on a CFO aggr.  


From the link you provided, I see that it says, one staging volume per-aggregate.  So I will take this as NetApp understands that they are creating a scenario where file access will be delayed during giveback by enabling auditing?


Have you, or anyone else out there enabled auditing and experienced issues?  I enabled on secondary and tertiary arrays, but not on prod yet.

Re: Enable CIFS auditing - GiveBack delay Event Message




That's correct the acknowledgement is to the file access delay.


Concerning enabling Auditing, aside from the previously stated, it would be a good idea to keep an eye on aggregate space available, but this is part of normal storage administration already.

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