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Error reading/writing to network, connection dropped.



Recently I have observed the following Snapmirror error in my source filer. Tried searching related thread but in vein.

Can some expert have their comments on this as what could be a possible root cause behind.

snapmirror.src.connDropped:error]: Error reading/writing to network, connection dropped.

last message repeated 20 times





I am also having this same issue. What causes this error?



snapmirror Error reading/writing to network, connection dropped





If you receives these messages, it could be a resolving issue.

Can you check if the resolving points to the e0M entry?

Also check the interface the connection should go, and it's not blocked for traffic.

In most cases DNS or the host file has an entry for the filername  that points to the management interface.

If your snapmirror connection use that entry(name), and data traffic is allowed on your management interface, this kind of messages appear.

Create an entry of the name in the host file with the right IP address solves it.







I've seen this before myself and I've also seen the error that tells us that the destination volume is too small. This particular error message is misleading and has the tendency to create a 'wild goose chase' to resolve it.


I encountered the same message "error reading/writing to network". I traced the problem in the /etc/log/snapmirror log. The problematic SnapMirror relationship was identified by the "Request" then subsequent line "Abort (connection to destination dropped)". Once I had resolved that problem the errors stopped. In my case the destination volume was too small, an easy solution!




Hi Grant,

I  have just had the same message. the destination volume was too small. Thanks



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