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Expand lun which is low on space but flexvol has plenty of free space


Hi All


Probably a basic question but I just wanted to get this clarified by others.


We use 7-mode and all our volumes are thin provisioned flex vols. All LUNs are thin provisioned as well and these are presented to VMware as datastores. We use deduplication as well.


My question is if we have a datastore running low, we would expand the flexvol and also resize the LUN, but my question is do we need to expand the flexvol? some of the volumes we are realising some subsantial savings and so the flexvol can have tons of available space whereas the lun could be running near capacity.


We use block level storage via FC so I am aware already that we need to run space savings to commands to reclaim the free space on a LUN, which we do often but I just had this question and was interested how others tackle this.


Many Thanks




You can just increase the LUN size.  Just take note not run the volume out of space.