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Extra Snapshot being held on XDP source CDOT


We have several staggered snap policies that have a daily and weekly schedule. The policies are set to different times throughout the day and weekly job is set to Fridays at that time. See example below:


standard_12PM 2 true -
Schedule Count Prefix SnapMirror Label
---------------------- ----- ---------------------- -------------------
weekly_12PM 1 weekly_12PM weekly
daily_12PM 1 daily_12PM daily


standard_3PM 2 true -
Schedule Count Prefix SnapMirror Label
---------------------- ----- ---------------------- -------------------
weekly_3PM 1 weekly_3PM weekly
daily_3PM 1 daily_3PM daily


daily_12PM   cron      Sun-Sat@12:00

weekly_12PM  cron      Fri@12:

daily_3PM    cron      Sun-Sat@15:00

weekly_3PM   cron      Fri@15:00


The XDP relationship to the vault triggers 1 hour later for each. So for the 12PM it goes at 1PM and 3PM at 4PM. Yet there is an extra daily being held despite the count being set to 1. 


weekly_12PM.2015-03-27_1200 valid 1.02TB 12% 23%
daily_12PM.2015-03-30_1200 valid 895.5GB 10% 21%
daily_12PM.2015-03-31_1200 valid 898.8GB 10% 21%

weekly_3PM.2015-03-27_1500 valid 172.1GB 3% 7%
daily_3PM.2015-03-30_1500 valid 100.8GB 2% 4%
daily_3PM.2015-03-31_1500 valid 100.8GB 2% 4%

Is there a way to make sure the daily only retains 1 copy like the weekly? As you can tell there is an incredible change rate on these snapshots and it would save us so much space.


Thanks in advance,





Have seen a similiar case recently, where the cascaded snapmirror->snampvalut setup was retaining 2 snapshot instead of defined "1". The root cause of the issue was that the snapvault was sceduled at the primary, instead of the mirror. Moving the snapvault schedule to the snapmirror destination made the relation like this; primary filer->snapmirrored to ->mirror filer(dest)->snapvault->vault filer(dest), and the problem was resolved. Do you have a similiar environment?

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     Thanks for the reply. Snapmirror show on the source returns "This table is currently empty" and the destination returns something like this:


Source Destination Mirror Relationship Total Last
Path Type Path State Status Progress Healthy Updated
----------- ---- ------------ ------- -------------- --------- ------- --------
XDP DEST_FILER:vault_volume
Idle - true -


The protection polciies were created in System Manager at the destination. So the transfers are set to kick off via the destination. All that is configured at the source is the snapshot policy itself. I am wondering if this has to do with us having a snapvault license on the source but no mirror license and both on the destination. Our third party vendor assured us we did not need the mirror license and only the snapvault license even though snapvault technically went away. Let me know if there are any outputs I can share that can help you determine what you are looking for.