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Vserver Administration using GUI tools


I'm new to Clustered Ontap and have configured my first system with several Vservers for use within our different groups. I can administer the cluster using either System Manager or CLI but I haven't found any way to manage individual Vservers other than using the CLI over SSH.

I have read the relevant sections of the System Administration and Vserver Administrator overview guides but don't see any mention of using a GUI tool for Vserver administration. The overview guide does list HTTP/HTTPS as an option for administration but I cannot connect to the Vserver management interface with a browser (404 error).

Is there a way to administer Vservers using a GUI tool and if so, what setup is required to enable this?




Clustered Ontap 8.1.2P3 on a FAS2240

System Manager v2.1


Re: Vserver Administration using GUI tools

Hi Kevin,

System Manager is the element management software offering from NetApp for managing clusters and storage systems. Currently System Manager does not support Vserver scoped administration.

You have to login to the cluster via System Manager to manage individual Vservers.

I don't think there is any other element management GUI tool to manage Vservers alone. The only option is to use CLI or SSH.

PS: There is a new version of System Manager, v2.2RC1, with support for FlashCache, SnapVault (7-Mode), enhancements to Aggregate manageability. (Even v2.2RC1 does not support Vserver scoped administration )

You can download it from support.netapp.com.



Re: Vserver Administration using GUI tools

Thanks for the reply Karthik.

I posed the question because the following section in the Vserver Administrator Capabilities Overview Guide seems to indicate possible control via HTTP(S) and I wanted to ensure I wasn't missing any required configuration to enable this:


Access methods for user accounts


Depending on how the cluster administrator sets up your user account, you can access a Vserver for

administration by using certain access methods.

You can access a Vserver by using the following access methods:




I will instruct our Vserver administrators to use SSH for now.

Re: Vserver Administration using GUI tools



Hello.  I know this is a bit old, but I was wondering if you ever found out if there was GUI access for a vserver admin other than SSH?  I was looking to see if it was possible.



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