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FAS2240 7-Mode to cDOT


Hi All


We currently planning a 7-mode to cDOT migration for our HA FAS2240-4. 


I am aware that this model does support cDOT however its been made aware to me that there are some complications with this, we currently use FC for connectivity for our storage to our Virtualisation farm. 


We been told by a reseller that the FC card that is currently installed into the FAS2240 controllers would need to removed to be replaced with a 10gbe mezzaine card to enable cluster networking between the controllers. This card takes the slot of where the FC connects are. 


This would mean that the FAS2240s would no longer have the FC ports and therefore an architectural redesign would need to be considered.


I just wanted to confirm, would this be the case with the FAS2240 and cDOT? 




Thank you for confirming this.






Looks like they were correct as the only supported card as per Hardware Universe is X1160A-R6 which is the 10GbE Mezzanine card.  Please contact your accounts team for further details.







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That is correct the FAS2240 does not support FCP on any version of cDOT.  You do have the option of using 1 of the 10GbE ports from the mezzanine card for client connectivity, so it is possible to connect your virtualization hosts using iSCSI over 10GbE.  No data format changes need to happen.  You would simply change the igroups and LUN mapping.


The drawback to this model is that you would not have redudant cluster interconnects between the 2 controllers.  



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