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FAS2720 & AFF220 4 Node cluster

We are having an issue where we have following setup:
- we have 4 nodes cluster with different IPs say X.X.X.1 to X.X.X.4
- we have 1 Cluster management LIF x.x.x.5
Now the issue is that when we unplug the management cable from X.X.X.1 the other node do not take over automatically the cluster management LIF IP (cluster management IP not accessible) and we have to manually shift it to other node. Please guide us what we are missing in this situation.   
Please find the attached Screenshot.

Re: FAS2720 & AFF220 4 Node cluster



What is the output of this cmd:

::> network interface show -failover -lif cluster_mgmt

Also: Could you eloborate on 'we have to manually shift it to other node' : When you unplug cable, do you lose connection to ssh ? if so, how do you manually shift it to other node ?



Re: FAS2720 & AFF220 4 Node cluster

output result attached

::> network interface show -failover -lif cluster_mgmt

Re: FAS2720 & AFF220 4 Node cluster

output result attached

::> network interface show -failover -lif cluster_mgmt

Re: FAS2720 & AFF220 4 Node cluster

From the screenshot : It looks perfect and standard. cluster_mgmt is available to failover to ports from all nodes in the failover group (node mgmt & data ports). Failover-group & policy is standard as it should be.


In the screenshot, I see that failover targets presented are in this order:
1) If Cluster_1:e0M is down, we can simulate it.

::>set adv
::*> network port modify -node cluster_1 -port e0M -up-admin false

it should failover to e0c, if that's unavailable then to e0d and so on until e0f, and then it will switch to different Node i.e cluster_2:e0M if none of the ports on cluster_1 is available.


You can test it out and let us know.


::*> network interface show -role cluster-mgmt

This should show the current-node/port of the failvoer-target and is-home should say  'false'.

Re: FAS2720 & AFF220 4 Node cluster

This is a standard setup issue. The ONLY ports that should be in that list (in other words, based on the output, in the Default Broadcast-Domain) are connected ports on the same physical network.


Different customers have different setups. With that, at a minimum, the broadcast-domain should include e0M from each node. *IF* you have e0c/e0d/e0e/e0f connected and are on the same physical network (whatever networ e0M is on, like - then it will work. If it is not, then it is entirely possible when the port fails (or the plug is pulled) it will go to another port and advertise there (Reverse ARP) that the IP address has moved.


I have seen this event transpire before and the cluster became unavailbel through the cluster_mgmt port.


Please correct your Broadcast-domain(s) and try again.


Typical Broadcast domains seperate things out. For example:


Default (MTU 1500):






NFS (MTU 900):






CIFS (MTU 1500):






Provide more detais if this does not work.


Suggestions include:

"broadcast-domain show ; ifgrp show"


"net int show -failover"


(but please try to copy/paste if you can instead of a "picture". I know, some places cannot, but if you can, it is easier!


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