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netapp cifs share aliases


we are merging cifs servers to single SVM, can some one share experience how can we make alias for each data share, can different LIF be used for each share/alias?



Re: netapp cifs share aliases




If you want to have separate LIFs, then aliases may not be a solution for your case.  However, you can create 2 separate LIFs having separte hostnames accessing the CIFS server using different junction paths.

1) Create a CIFS server on SVM : Only one CIFS server is allowed per SVM.


2) Create two separate LIFs : Eiter on the same physical port or on a separate physical port, it's your call.


In the following example, I have one SVM with CIFS server, and have created 2 separate LIFs on separate physical ports and have give it IPs.

LIF 1: SVM_CIFS_cifs_hr_lif1 (IP:215)= e0c
LIF 2: SVM_CIFS_cifs_fin_lif2  (IP:217)= e0d


3) In DNS, and create 2 A Host records:

CIFS server = SVM_CIFS
Hostname = cifs_hr,
Hostname = cifs_finance,

Run gpupdate /force


4) You can create a single or multiple volums, in this example : I have one volume and 2 separate folders(shares)

volume  = vol_CIFS
foldrers = 1) cifs_finance &  2) cifs_hr


5) Create shares with following Junction / mount_paths:

share Name = cifs_hr
Junction = /vol_CIFS/cifs_hr


share Name = cifs_finance
Junction = /vol_CIFS/cifs_finance

6) Access them using separate CIFS


7) Run the following command, it shows the shares accessed by 2 separate LIFs.

ONTAP96::> cifs session show -fields address,netbios-name,lif-address,user-type
node vserver session-id connection-id lif-address address user-type netbios-name
---------- -------- -------------------- ------------- ------------- ------------ ----------- ------------
ONTAP96-01 SVM_CIFS 15017252957466918943 1707425369 domain-user cifs_hr
ONTAP96-01 SVM_CIFS 15017252957466918944 1707425370 domain-user cifs_finance
2 entries were displayed.



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Re: netapp cifs share aliases


thanks for your reply. this is a good example. if one LIF will be used, can you please give me another example for how to make aliases?

Re: netapp cifs share aliases


Aliases will be:


Having one LIF: Example:


Host: cifs_hr
Alisases: cifs_fina
Aliasees: cifs_engg

Re: netapp cifs share aliases


Or you could go a little more simple:

1. setup DDNS and let DNS round-robin between the interfaces (With most modern DDNS instances, you may need to tell ONTAP to use Secure DDNS for it to actually work...and make sure you have both forward and reverse lookup zones)

2. setup ONTAP - ON-BOX - DNS load balancing.





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