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FAS3210 head replacement with 2552




I am currently reviewing a head replacement of the following:



From :- 


FAS3210  -  (7 Mode) with 2 shelves.  DS4243 /DS4246





FAS2552 - (7 Mode) We would like to keep the existing shelves and preserve the data.




Would the  process be the same as documented for the FAS3210 > FAS3220 head replacement ? Or is this not a supported migration, would it need to go to a FAS8020 ?







Thanks in advance.


Re: FAS3210 head replacement with 2552


In general you can replace any head with any head as long as you are able to attach old shelves to new head and resulting configuration is supported according to HWU (shelf types, storage limits etc). The steps in most cases are the same, except here you need to decide whether you want root on - presumably, existing - internal disks in 2552 or want to keep root on shelves from 3210.

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