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FAS8040 SP losing IP address


I have got new FAS8040 to configure,

I am accessing sytem console from SP and booting ontap.

While doing initial node management configuration my session freezes. It is happening in different steps, once while assigning management port, once while assisgning management IP addres.


After that I cant reconnect via ssh to SP anymore. SP is loosing its IP configuration. Techinian in DC needs to reassign IP address manualy to let me connect back via ssh.


It is strange situation, never occured it before. Anyone of you had situation like this before? 




Re: FAS8040 SP losing IP address


Only time.. i experience this was due to duplicate IP.



Re: FAS8040 SP losing IP address


You mean that IP assigned to SP are already in use? I have double checked that and they are free. 

Re: FAS8040 SP losing IP address


Hi, What version of ONTAP are you running on the system, and what version of the SP firmware is present? (system service-processor info -instance).


We have a compatibility matrix for SP firmware and ONTAP.. and you should run the latest, as some FAS8000 systems shipped with a version of firmware that we recommend customers upgrade away from to ensure reliability. I have seen the issue you discuss, and a firmware upgrade fixed it.

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