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FSRM UNC path walk in multi-tenant environment

IHAC that is working with FSRM and has a fairly complex situation....

They have multiple AD domains in their environment and each AD domain has its own vfilers.   They  are able to put a host agent on a server within each of the AD domains.

The goal is to use FSRM to walk through UNC paths on the vfilers to get information about the filesystem usage.

We are running into a problem because we keep getting "SRM Path Add: Could not find file"  errors whenever we try to walk a UNC path.  According to the Ops Mgr docs, there can be a different host agent login/password for the host agent but it would appear that if you want to walk a UNC path you have to use a global account (set via Setup->Options-> Host Agent).

Can the Host Agent login/password be used for walking a UNC path?   Can there be a different UNC authentication for each Host Agent?



Re: FSRM UNC path walk in multi-tenant environment

Hi Kutner,

UNC authentication can be set individually for each Host Agents.

If you want to run FSRM Walk on UNC path, you have to set 2 things :

1. Login/Password of Hostagent
2. Host Agent CIFS Account / Host Agent CIFS Password

The above options can be set both at global level as well as individual Host agent level.

To set @ Host Agent level :

Go to Home -> Group Status -> File SRM -> Click your Host Agent. It will lauch 'Host Agent Details' page.

Click the 'Edit Settings' link available on the bottom left hand side of the page ("Storage Controller Tools"). It'll launch "Edit Host Agent Settings" page.

Here, you can set Login/Password, CIFS Account/Password details.




Re: FSRM UNC path walk in multi-tenant environment

For running a FSRM walk on the CIFS path, both the Agent & CIFS server(in this case vFiler) must be in the same domain.

Credentials of the user with access on the CIFS path must be provided to the Host Agent.

Host Agent will use this user's crendtials to do a walk on the CIFS path.

Home -> SRM Summary -> <click on the Host Agent from the list>

& this will open the Host Agent Details page.

On this page, click on 'Edit Settings' (near left bottom), and then provide the CIFS account & password.

Agent CIFS Account     - User with access to the CIFS path.

Agent CIFS Password   - Password of the above user

>Can  there be a different UNC authentication for each Host Agent?

Yes, see above steps for providing the authentication.

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