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Fabric MetroCluster and DWDM clarification




IHAC that is planning to implement Fabric MetroCluster using a DWDM topology.


DWDM is already in place and it is used by EMC VPLEX. 


I have read TR-3548 for Fabric MetroCLuster ISL considerations and I talked to customer in order to understand DWDM infrastructure:

- they have unused ports for attach FC ISL for NetApp on both sides

- they can use a different lambda for NetApp


Imagem inline 1


AFAIK it seems a valid requirement, but I would like to confirm it.


Any comments? 


Regards, Rafael.


Re: Fabric MetroCluster and DWDM clarification


Unfortunately I can't see the image in your post - so I may not understand your question fully.


As you have seen in TR-3548, we do support DWDM, as long as the device used for DWDM is compatible with the Cisco or Brocade switch used in the metrocluster.


Does this answer your question?

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