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FabricPool, inactive data reporting and deswizzling


Hello to the community,

according to this KB, deswizzling affect inactive data reporting.
We usually do vol move to balance capacity/performance across our aggregates, and when the move complete, a deswizzler process starts on the volume.
Deswizzling could run for an undeterminate period, this KB suggest to disable snapshot to let it complete (who wants to do it on a production volume?...)

My question are:

- Can deswizzling become a problem for FabricPool behavior?
- Can we rely on wafl.deswizzle.afs.first option to speedup deswizzle process? (that caused inconsistency issues with Ontap 8, a real nightmare)
- Do vol move will be optimized to eliminate the need to deswizzle data in future Ontap releases? 😉




Re: FabricPool, inactive data reporting and deswizzling


Deswizzling is one of those odd things. Either you let it finish or it never finishes. Since you're wanting to use FabricPool, you'll need to let it finish.


AFS first can help, just make sure you're on a recent release as some of the early ONTAP 9 had a data corruption bug. Basically yes you have to stop ALL snapshots. It sucks but you do.


We have had BURTs in the past about vol move, but honestly if you want this to be prioritized the best bet is to talk to your account team. They have more power to help here in the long run.


I agree, it's a sucky situation and it would help if it used XDP instead.



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Re: FabricPool, inactive data reporting and deswizzling

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