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Failed Upgrade 9.4P3 to 9.5P16




We've upgrade our FAS8020 ONTAP from 9.4P3 to 9.5P16.

the first Node upgrade and return to work successfully, the second Node  failed to upgrade (according to cluster ), and didn't return to cluster.

when checking the version of second node it's shows 9.5P16, but when checking about his version in cluster it's showing 9.4p3

I've tried to reboot the node nothing help

right now the node out of cluster and i can't rejoin him





I would open a P1 ASAP if you haven't already.


Without looking through the logs/asup it could be difficult to troubleshoot just given the info. 


it's seems like root volume damage after upgrade try.

We've manage to boot loader with command: unsetenv bootarg.init.boot_recovery 

then node boot normally and the we've running the upgrade process to finish with this command : 

system node upgrade-revert upgrade -node

then it show it's complete.

then I rebooted the node to ensure it is starting up normally , and  it stuck on:

Waiting for giveback...(Press Ctrl-C to abort wait)

and cluster disable automatic giveback on takerover node.

how do I manage to Boot up normally the "Problematic" Node?



As was stated by @SpindleNinja , It would be advisable to open a P1 case with Support, given the nature of root volume recovery.


i would like to avoid using support cause in this case i can't


What was the reason for upgrading? 

i.e. upgrade to migrate to a new system, etc.  





It's on our test environment, we want to check it before upgrading on our production environment 

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