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Disk encrypt revert_original from maintenance mode responds with a root volume error


I had posted a few months ago about a circumstance that required reverting SEDs to their factory state in maintenance mode:




I've recently had the opportunity to try it out, and I receive a "no usable root volume found" upon execution of the disk encrypt revert_original command in maintenance mode, and the disks remain in a failed state-- subsequent "disk unfail" commands also have no effect.  Although I fully expect there not to be a root volume in place and realize there's truth to the message, I would expect that I would have unfailed disks after both of the commands I used were issued.


Is there another step I'm missing here?



You might want to get official guidance via a technical case.


That said, this message is informative -- "no usable root volume found".

You probably need to have one NSE spare disk that isn't locked to create a 1-disk temporary root on it -- before you attempt the "revert_original" command.