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Failed to create secondary snapshot, Reason: Unable to get a list of snapshots from the volume.


Hello, I’m having problems with all of my snapvault jobs in protection manager.

The job runs normally and is also copying a lot of data but in the end it will partially Fail.

I really have no idea what the problem is, I have recreated the volumes and did a new base line which will work for a day or 2/3 and then it will fail again constantly.

Attached you will see a screenshot with the problem. I’m running: DFM 5.0 / FAS 2040 / Ontap 8.1.2 7-mode.

I have already changed the dfm options “dpMaxSnapshotListingRetries” and “dpSnapshotListingRetryInterval”. Also disabled Dedupe on the secondary volume (no snaplock).

Thank you for helping!



We faced the same issue also. When we ran the httpstat -s 1, we saw that it was maxed out on the controller.


Was able to trouble by performing the following:

1. dfm options set snapDeltaMonitorEnabled=no 

2. Setting the httpd timeout to 30 and max connections to 1, then back to their default values once the count was down to 0.


By running this appears to have fixed our issue.


Can also test by running the zexplorer on the dfm server to see if the API is running.


i have exactly the same problem.

the secondary filer is a fas3210 (sata disks) with 8.1.2 and dfm 5.1

i've modified dpMaxSnapshotListingRetries to 6 but nothing was changed.

it seems only a performance (heavy load) problem on secondary filer .

have you any news from this issue?


i followed this thread:


and then i resolved the issue.

This problem was concatenated to httpd problem.

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