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Fast Zero after upgrade


The documentation says


"The fast zeroing enhancement does not support systems upgraded from a release earlier than ONTAP 9.4."


is there a way to do a fast zero after upgrading from 9.3 to 9.4 or later?  





Re: Fast Zero after upgrade


Re: Fast Zero after upgrade


No, thats the command to use if your system does support fast zero.


If you do an upgrade and then run "storage disk zerospares" it does a physical zero, which takes hours.


If you do a new install that same command does a fast zero, unless you use the option "-use-physical-zeroing".


But, thanks for checking in.

Re: Fast Zero after upgrade


Fast Zero is only enabled during initialization of a controller to ONTAP 9.4 or later.

If the controller was initialized on an earlier release, this option will not be available to the controller after an upgrade to 9.4 or later from an earlier version.

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Re: Fast Zero after upgrade


Thats what I figured, and have experienced.  I was hoping there was some switch I could set that would allow me to enable fast-zero on upgraded systems.  Its too bad, I have hundreds of systems that have been upgraded that I won't ever be able to use fast-zero with.


thank you.

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