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Feature in Netapp


Hi.. Just asking here. What a feature in netapp, if we reduce the disk allocation requirement for the root aggregate and increase usable storage by partitioning the disks into one large part and one small part. For instance, the small part is usedfor the root aggregate and the large part for the data aggregates. Anyone have any idea? Is it ADP? 



Yes, that is ADP.


This feature requires the system to have been initialised with ONTAP 8.3 or later for the FAS2xxx systems, or ONTAP 9.1 or later on the FAS80xx systems, or enabled by default on any all flash systems or FAS8200/FAS9000 systems.


If the system is not configured with ADP and has data in place, you can either engage NetApp Professional Services to move to it, or move all the data to another system and re-initiaise it from scratch.