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VMware max LUN size


we have a customer with a FAS8020 storage, ONTAP 9.3 and added recently a DS4246 shelf with 12x 4TB disks.


After creating a single aggregate with all 12 disks, it doesn't let me create a 20 TB LUN with VMware as host type,

cause of "Size out of limit. Maximum size for VMware can be 16TB"


Is this the maximum supported LUN size or am I doing something wrong?


Thanks for any reply,



Apostolos Gkavanozis

Re: VMware max LUN size

That is correct.


Always please check hwu.netapp.com you will get lots of info regariding the limations.


so based on your model & OS type


Max lun size is 15.26 TiB 




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Re: VMware max LUN size

Thank you naveens!

Apostolos Gkavanozis
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