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Filer and vfiler syslog




I would like to  use syslog to send all logs ( system and file access)  from filler to remote host.


1) Will this configuration allow me to achive that?


# $Id: //depot/prod/DOT/R8.0.3x/ontap/files/syslog.conf.sample#1 $

# Copyright (c) 1994-1996 Network Appliance.

# All rights reserved.

# Sample syslog.conf file. Copy to /etc/syslog.conf to use.

# You must use TABS for separators between fields.


# Log messages of priority info or higher to the console and to /etc/messages

*.info /dev/console

*.info /etc/messages

# Edit and uncomment following line to log all messages of priority

# err or higher and all kernel messages to a remote host, e.g. adminhost

# *.err;kern.* @adminhost

*.* @someIP


2) How can i forward logs from vfiler ( on the same host)  via syslog?


Thank you.






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