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Dumb Question RE pktt


We needed to do a packet capture (Data On Tap 8.x 7 Mode) and the Netapp guy is out on vacation, the firmware is also not the newest. 


The backup did these packet captures without specifying the dir to write to.... while we can see them listed (-l) they are not in crash, not  etc, not in tmp.... and it looks like they probably got written to root (/) then if I read the docs right. 


So, sorry for the noob question, but it would be appreciated. It seems like it probably got written to root, how do you get to it?? If not via file explorer as you do /etc?, and of course, the Web UI is not working for most folks...




This is the worst to ask help for. 


Re: Dumb Question RE pktt


if your root volume is exported to any linux host then go ahead and mount the vol0 and then cd to /etc/crash..


or from cifs shares perspective


grant access to c$ share by adding your domain account then go to windows explorer

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Re: Dumb Question RE pktt


Thanks, we can actually get to /etc$ but they didn't default into /etc/crash


But appreciate the vol0 and CIFS thought. Thank you!

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