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Upgrading OnTAP to 8.2.5 - Is Invoke-NaSsh Issue Resolved?


I have been following with great interest the following thread which disucsses a bug after upgrading to 8.2.5:




I am planning to upgrade our remaining 7-mode systems from 8.2.4P4 to 8.2.5P1D9 within the next few weeks. I rely on "Invoke-NaSsh" for quite a few PowerShell scripts that run on our 7-mode systems. As long as I have upgraded to PowerShell Toolkit 4.5 (which I have), should I experience any problems with "Invoke-NaSsh" after I upgrade?



It is working, but I would say that why are you upgrading to a D code? Did Netapp give you a special D patch release? Those are generally out of band and should be used only when a P release cannot


Thanks @JGPSHNTAP! I'm simply choosing the most recent release that's available online, which is currently 8.2.5P1D9. I just assumed it made sense to install whatever fixes are in the latest D release within the latest P release. Would like to hear your thoughts/recommendations.


I'm actually hoping P2 is out before I do the upgrade as I'd rather install that version.


I wasn't aware that D releases are publicly released.  I can try to find out when P2 will be released.  But P1, should be fine.  This is really the final 7-mode release family and 8.2.5 was released primary for the SSL/TLS bug issue and the option to disable SMB 1


Thanks @JGPSHNTAP. I stumbled across D releases somewhat. I routinely just change the URL of the current P release of different software packages to see if a new P release is there. Once I tried doing the same with D releases and was surprised to see that they are all there as well.


I would love to know when P2 is coming out. As I said I'd prefer to do that version anyway. I'm hoping this will be the last round of 7-mode upgrades I ever do. These are for six 2220s in remote offices that we've not transitioned to cdot yet.


Just heard back from my account team.  No timeline on P2, they said use P1 it's solid.


OK thanks @JGPSHNTAP. Any reason not to also go to one of the D patches?

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