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Find Vols/Luns not in use


I know very little about Ontapp/Netapp so this may be tricky. Is there a way I can find out if any storage Luns/Vols/Shares are no longer being used. WE need to reduce storage amount used. We have Acitive IQ unified manager. Would we be able to see through that ?



When you say not in use ? What do mean left orphaned ?

In that situation you need to check :


LUN stats 

used size 

any SM/SV operation configured to it .

Basically you have to make sure particular volume or Lun is not involved in any operation.

I believe Active IQ unified manager  won't be able to pull complete information .





yeah, essentially we've picked up a lot of legacy systems and a lot of old kit that is no longer used. But the storage is still there.


So the info on this windows isn't sufficient ? (see attached)

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