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Finding Large Snapshots


A very useful command to search the entire cluster for snapshots older than a specified number of hours is this:

volume snapshot show -create-time <1000h -fields create-time, size

This helped hugely to track down old snaps and zap 'em. One was 3.1TB !

So taking this theme and developing it I now want to find any snapshot accross the cluster bigger than a specified size. However the same type of command doesn't work:

volume snapshot show -size <100GB -fields size

What am I doing wrong ?? Or does anyone know of a command which will displat snapshots for all volumes over a certain size ??


Many thanks !



Re: Finding Large Snapshots


XXXXXXXXXX::> vol snapshot show -size >1GB
Vserver Volume Snapshot Size Total% Used%
-------- -------- ------------------------------------- -------- ------ -----
snapshot-01  vol0  hourly.3 2.83GB 1% 11%
snapshot-02  vol0  hourly.3 2.93GB 1% 13%
2 entries were displayed.


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Re: Finding Large Snapshots


Thanks - works a treat. Easy to find anything which is a concern.

Re: Finding Large Snapshots


I run these commands...


When to check after forgotten snapshots, a specific year and exclude of a specific vserver:

::> snap show -create-time *2018* -vserver !*BACKUP*


When to check after snapshots bigger than a certain size:

::> snap show -size >1t

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