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Finding all volumes that have Snapshots turned off (nosnap=on)


Is there a CDOT equivalent to the 7-mode "vol options volname nosnap [on|off]"?


I'd like to be able to enable/disable auto snapshots from CLI instead of having to do it via the GUI.


Thank you for the help.





I don't know if this will necessarily address the old 7mode vol options functionality 100%, but using the attributes flagging inside ONTAP CLI might get you closer.  Anyway, I'd need to noodle on it some more to figure out exactly how to do what you're asking for, but you can do things like:


cluster1::> vol show -snapshot-policy none

(this will display all volumes with no snapshot policy applied to them)


cluster1::> vol show -snapshot-policy default

(this will display all volumes with the default policy applied)


You can then do volume modify commands based on the attributes you provided previously in the show commands.  Justin Parisi did a great job of explaining the filtering in his ONTAP CLI ninja post:




I'll keep poking around and see if I can turn up a more precise sequence of commands (I'm sort of curious now as well)...


Hope that helps,