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Stop Snapmirror in OnTap 8.1 in 7 mode


I am running NetApp Release 8.1.3P1 7-Mode and I need to delete adn recreate a snapmirror relationship.

The reason is I the source volume has gotten 11 tB small er than it was it was 14 and is now 3 tB. I don't want to wait 2 weeks for this to happen


I ran snapmirror abort on the transfer and it worked but I cannot run snapmirror break. It says I must quiesce it first

I tried that but after 1.5 weeks it still has not finished.


I just want to stop the exising snapmirror releastionship? delete the volume on the destination server and then recreate the mirror.


Is there any way to to do that ?


Seems pretty simple but I cant find a way on 8.1



kent dannehl





Please refer https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1113990/html/GUID-DFEA2EE7-76CA-4A18-8846-CC9ED25817B8.html

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This didn;t solve the problem. Not because it couldn't have. What happened was that after 10 days the relationship finally quesced whicl allowed me to break and delete it.


thanks for trying. I will try this next time. I am sure there will be one.




knet dannehl

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