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FlashPool - Performance contribute?


Hi all,


it there a way, an approximate one of course, that let us estimate the contribute of SSD on a FlashPool aggregate?

Everywhere I read data that seems to be almost marketing one or the SPM contribute that could be not so easy to read in the real world.

Very ofter we have to answer to customer requisite (public trial maybe) asking i.e. 600 IOPS for raw TB or 10 MB/s in sequential workloads...


Are there answers to simple questions like these? (just examples)


A 120 SAS hdd aggregate how much, nominal values of course, how much can increase in IOPS for a 70/30% r/w random workload if cached with a FlashPool?

How much flash do you suggest, minimum value, as ratio of SAS/NL-SAS hdds? 10%, 20%...less? More?


Thank you in advance



Hi @gmilazzoitag,


I think you're looking for TR-4070, and in particular the section on the Automated Workload Analyzer (AWA).


Hope that helps!



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