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FlexClone LUN from Snapshot




I have a question about the process of creating flexclone LUN from a snapshot. 


I have noticed that when I create the flexclone LUN from specified snapshot of the volume the snapshot state become (busy,file_clone) and I cant delete this snapshot without removing the LUN. 


how much time the snapshot is busy ? 


I also tried to create flexclone LUN on another testing LUN and after 2 minute the snapshot was "free"



I have used the clone start command in 7-mode



Thanks for helpers 



Re: FlexClone LUN from Snapshot

In process of creating FlexClone LUN, Data ONTAP needs to update reference of data blocks allocated to original LUN. This is a bit time consuming process.
I assume your test LUN have never served. If no data have written on LUN, no or only few data blocks are allocated(but space is reserved followed by space guarantee). So cloning of empty LUN is fast.

Re: FlexClone LUN from Snapshot


The process take a lot of resource from NetApp? 


I ask about to create a lot of flex clone luns at the same time - Veeam Backup Integration use this.


When I add the controllers to Veeam it starts to index the snapshots and luns and the NetApp CPU usage gets higher than usual


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