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FlexGroup configurations


I've seen the FG Best Practices guide and the manual.

Both seem to imply that disks, RG-types, and RG-sizes should be the same across the board when creating FG's.

Is this a best practice for best performance?

1. What if I have an ADP RG, which will have a fewer number of drives in the first RG?  Is this okay?

2. The next four or five RG's in the aggregate will have our standard RT-type, 24-disc/4TB's.  Would this be okay

The next node's aggregate may be all 24-disc RT-type, 4TB, 6TB or 8TB.  Will this be allright?


Thank you



Re: FlexGroup configurations


Hi Tas,


The reason for this consistency requirement, which I believe is a soft-requirement, is for consitant performance across constituent volumes. When a FlexGroup is created, it provisions a multiple of constituent volumes across the aggegates it is allowed to consume from. If half of the FG is on NL-SAS and the other half is on SSD, access performance will vary wildly, depending on which constituent volume a file got written.


Since it appears all of your aggregates are going to be NL-SAS, I wouldn't be overly concerned about the differences between them, you likely won't notice much of a difference, if any.

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Re: FlexGroup configurations


Thanks @CHRISMAKI .  @tmac said the same.  Now I have confirmation from two sources.

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