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Before the clone is split off, it should share same file with its parent volume, which means own same inodes, unless there are new added files after the creation of the clone.
My question: is there any way to tell how many inodes are shared and how many are owned by the clone itself?

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Re: Flexclobe



Try using volume clone split estimate with inode option. Refer https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1610202/html/volume/clone/split/estimate.html

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Re: Flexclobe

 I waned to estimate how many inodes are owned by the inode itself, and how many by it's parent volume. It seems to me thse options should give you a estimated amout of space upon the inodes already processed  which is diffeent than what I am asking. can you please show me an example of using this command?


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