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Following Symbolic Links which are outside a CIFS share


With ONTAP 7-mode I could follow links outside of the CIFS share using symlink.trranslation Map entries,

but with CTOP 9 I can't get this to work using the new implemenation of  defining a UNIX Path for an existing share


I can only get relative and absolute folder and file symbolic links to work within the share


Doe's anyone know if this is possible with CTOP 9.2 ?



Did you ever get an answer on this.  I am just now having to take on a migration from SAMBA where this worked and it doesn't work as far as I can see in 9.1P8. 


Will follow up if I find a definitive answer.


I didn’t get an answer, but I did find a resolution to my problem


When creating the symlink I needed to use the freelink option.

The freelink option is not available via the GUI so use the cifs symlink create command with the -locality freelink

This gave me the symbolic link functionality I required within a CIFS mounted drive




cifs symlink create -unix-path /rel/ -cifs-path /vol/release/rel/ -locality freelink


where the /rel NFS mount point resolves to /vol/release/rel


Note :  I also believe the share ( in this case pc_rel )  has to be modified as follows


cifs share modify -share-name pc_rel -symlink-properties symlinks-and-widelinks no-strict-security


The above information should provide you the information for you to resolve your problem

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