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Generate and collect fresh ASUP whil filler in in takeover?


Hello all,

How can I generate and collect an asup for a filler "displaying waiting for giveback" prompt?

When I try partner option autosupport...on now site I have only data from working filler..


Thanks for advise!



No such way. Status of the node can be collected by itself.

If you want to check logs of failed node, check TAKEOVER ASUP. It contains partner's ems log.


Thanks for the reply

So you mean that I can't scp or ftp the surviving node and find inside a folder or called takeover asup?


Yes, Failed node can not issue ASUP. Log files of failed node are included in CONTROLLER TAKEOVER ASUP issued by alive partner node, so you do not need to collect logs.
I could not find a way to access files of faild node using scp, ftp, or systemshell. Only parnter mode of node shell is accessible.

To access older logs and ASUP, use rdfile on partner prompt of node shell like below.


Check latest ems log and latest WEEKLY_LOG ASUP(Sep 4) of failed node(cluster-02)

cluster::> run local

cluster-01(takeover)> partner

cluster-02/cluster-01> rdfile /etc/log/ems

cluster-02/cluster-01> priv set diag

cluster-02/cluster-01*>  ls /etc/log/autosupport


cluster-02/cluster-01*>  ls /etc/log/autosupport/201510040025.1.files


cluster-02/cluster-01*>  rdfile /etc/log/autosupport/201510040025.1.files/X-HEADER-DATA.TXT


X-Netapp-asup-subject: HA Group Notification from cluster-02 (WEEKLY_LOG) INFO


cluster-02/cluster-01*>  rdfile /etc/log/autosupport/201510040025.1.files/SYSCONFIG-A.txt



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