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Get-NcVolSize command not reporting volsize correctly when > 1024GB using Ontap Powershell Toolkit


Hello Powershell Coders,


My config : 

Powershelltoolkit : 9.6.0 ou 4.5.0

Dataontap : 9.4P2


I'm facing a strange problem with command   Get-NcVolSize : 


- volsize  < to 1024 GB or a strict multiple of 1024GB  (ex : 2048GB) is reported correctly,

- volsize  > to 1024 GB or not strict multiple of 1024GB  (ex : 1025GB) is reported incorrectly (equal to 0 systematically).


This behaviour have a side effect on "Set-NcVolSize" command, for volume > to 1024GB or not strict multiple of 1024, and make the resize command fail!


Someone experiencing the same issue/ has a workaround for this?


Many thanks in advance.


Best regards, 





Can you show us the command you're running and the output where the volume size is reported incorrectly (sanitizing volume/vserver names as necessary)? 






Hello Donny,


Is the last informations I give sufficient?


Did you have reproduce my issue?


thanks in advance,


I am not able to replicate this issue, unfortunately. However, I do not have a system running 9.4 available to determine if it is something specific with that version - I have 9.3 in production and 9.6 in the lab; neither of them exhibit the same issue with version 9.6 of the PS Toolkit. 


Hi Donny,


I've updated my FAS Arrays during september as I said i my earlier post, but I observe the same issue, is there any other test I can do to debug the situation (or maybe au workaround with another cmdlet)?


thanks in advance,

FAS2620 in 9.5P7

powershell module : 9.6.0

powershell server : Windows 2012R2 (6.3.9600) or Windows 2016





Sorry for the delay. On the larger than 1024GB volume, can you try to collect the volume size from Get-NcVol instead to see if that works:


Get-NcVol -Vserver <vserver> -Volume <volume> | fl TotalSize

It'll (theoretically) report the volume size in bytes, which should be a non-zero number. If that doesn't work, we can try to query it via the ZAPI call directly with Invoke-NcSystemApi and see if that yields any different output. 




Hi Donny,


Thank you, this command works well.


What i'm trying to do initialy was a 


Set-NcVolSize -NewSize <newSize> -Name <volname> -VserverContext <vservename>


but this command fail with the same behaviour as Get-NcVolSize


Do you also have a command to bypass this one?


thanks in advance




Try with Invoke-NcSystemApi like this:


$Volume = "<your volume>"
$NewSize = "<desired size>"
$Vserver = "<your SVM>"

$Request = @"



Invoke-NcSystemApi -Request $Request -VserverContext $Vserver


Thank You Donny, your workaround is working.


any idea why both commandlet Get-NcVolSize an Set-NcVolSize will fail in my context?






Glad it's working! 


If I had to guess, I'd say it is a strange bug in the module for those two cmdlets. 


thank you for the tests.


During september I will update my FAS in 9.5 or 9.6, I'll retry test after that and update the thread.





I've updated my FAS Arrays during september as I said i my earlier post, but I observe the same issue....


FAS2620 in 9.5P7

powershell module : 9.6.0

powershell server : Windows 2012R2 (6.3.9600)


@donny_lang  Can you please help @lafoucrier 






here is the command i use (very simple) : 


Get-NcVolSize  <volume name> -VserverContext <vservername>



when the volume is under or equal to 1024 (return in json format) : 

"VolumeSize": 548682072064,
"IsReadOnlyFlexVol": false,
"IsReplicaFlexVol": false,
"IsFixedSizeFlexVol": false


when the volume is above 1024 (here set to 1025) (return in json format) : 


"VolumeSize": 0,
"IsReadOnlyFlexVol": false,
"IsReplicaFlexVol": false,
"IsFixedSizeFlexVol": false



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