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Get the day remaining in PasswordExpirationDuration for a role

Hi All,

Is there a way to know how many more days are left so users using the role can be sent notifiation that their passwords are going to expire in these many days.

CLI, SDK or powershell anything will do.



PS H:\> Get-NcRoleConfig admin

RoleName : admin
Vserver : SVMA
MinUsernameSize : 3
RequireUsernameAlphaNumeric : False
MinPasswordSize : 8
RequirePasswordAlphaNumeric : True
ChangePasswordDurationInDays : 0
LastPasswordsDisallowedCount : 6
NcController : ClusterA


PS H:\> $a = Get-NcRoleConfig admin

PS H:\> $a.PasswordExpirationDuration





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