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HA Pair 7 mode




        We have 2 contrillers namely Ctrl1 and Ctrl2 both are FAS3240 connected to DS4243 and DS224 in HA Pair. 


1) I would like to know which controller is the primary node. ?


2) If ctrl2 is the primary node then how can i let ctrl1 act as a primary node.


when I do a cf giback 

ctrl2 is is giving back and ctrl1 show me takeover mode.


I want ctrl1 to be primary node and in case the problem occurs ctrl2 should take over.





They are active/active,  there is no offical "standby" node.    Both nodes serve out data at the same time. 

During a takeover,  one node will take ownership of its partners aggr/volumes/etc and continue to serve out data.  


If you have one showing that it's takenover,  you might have an issue with the node that's been taken over.   



let me check and get back to you.

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