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HA Pair 7 mode




        We have 2 contrillers namely Ctrl1 and Ctrl2 both are FAS3240 connected to DS4243 and DS224 in HA Pair. 


1) I would like to know which controller is the primary node. ?


2) If ctrl2 is the primary node then how can i let ctrl1 act as a primary node.


when I do a cf giback 

ctrl2 is is giving back and ctrl1 show me takeover mode.


I want ctrl1 to be primary node and in case the problem occurs ctrl2 should take over.




Re: HA Pair 7 mode


They are active/active,  there is no offical "standby" node.    Both nodes serve out data at the same time. 

During a takeover,  one node will take ownership of its partners aggr/volumes/etc and continue to serve out data.  


If you have one showing that it's takenover,  you might have an issue with the node that's been taken over.   


Re: HA Pair 7 mode


let me check and get back to you.

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