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HA in Cluster mode


Hi Guys,


Can we configure HA on 4 node cluster. Please assist how to configure it.






Do you ask about storage failover in HA pair or about "HA mode"? The former is of course enabled between partners in each HA pair. The latter can and need to be enabled on 2 node cluster (single HA pair) only.


What are you saying?  


If you have a 4 node cluster you will two HA pairs in active/active.


If you need help setting up cDOT, and you probably do, as I gather from your question, you need to require professional assistance because if done wrong it will not work properly.



so we can configure 2 HA pairs to configure 4 node cluster. is there anyother way to do... infact i am learning cluster mode of netapp. 


if we configure 4 node cluster with 2 HA pairs. how the Disk shelves for these 2 HA pairs will work in cluster. 




Each aggregate has its owner node. When non-owner node receives service protocol requests, data will travel from owner node to requesting node through cluster interconnect networks(not HA interconnect).
takeover and giveback occur inside each HA pair.


Yes, you can setup two two node clusters


I'm not trying to be rude, but if you are setting up a four node cluster and are asking these basic questions you need expert help in setting these clusters up or you will 100% not do it properly. 



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