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Having problems upgrading to ONTAP 9.1


As per the Upgrade Advisor I am attempting to retrieve the new image file


netapp1::> cluster image package get -url http://mywebserver.com/netapp/91_q_image.tgz

Software get http://mywebserver/netapp/91_q_image.tgz started on node netapp1-01                                                   
Downloading package. This may take up to 10 minutes.
There is no update/install in progress                                                                                                        
Status of most recent operation:
Run Status: Working
Exit Status: Success
Phase: Download
Exit Message:
Processing Package.                                                                                                                           
Process package failed.

Error: command failed: Error in processing the package, make sure the package version and URL are correct.




That's it.


Not really sure what to try next.


Any help or advice would be appreciated.



Make sure your "mywebserver.com" is reachable from netapp 

you can use "network ping" command to make sure its reachable from cluster. (cluster shell)


if you dont have a HTTP server you can use "hfs http server) (http://www.rejetto.com/hfs/?f=dl)

its a self exceutable.. easiest way to setup a http server.


I'm actually in the middle of an upgrade.. 

this is what i use.


system image get -node * -package

system image update -node node-01 -package 91P1_q_image.tgz -setdefault true
system image update -node node-02 -package 91P1_q_image.tgz -setdefault true


then takeover giveback one by one..





Are you performing a rolling upgrade?

I am having the same issues where system image package get works, but when running cluster image pacakge get, it results in the same "error in processing the package"


"system image package show" shows the image on both nodes, but "CLUSTER image package show-repository" says its empty.


Can I still do an uninterrupted upgrade?








Also wget the url, and verify you get the tgz file back and not some html.  Test that the tgz is valid.  The console output looks like it connected to the server but didn't get a valid archive.

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I would check that download package if i was you... could be a corrupt download, if it's finding the server and trying to pull the package but can't process it... maybe download again and see if that's any better.