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Help on Performance Monitoring and Capacity Planning Tools


I used to work on a tool that allow me to monitor the filer performance, set up threshold on for instance aggregates/volume, disk utilization, peak I/o etc, and also set up alert based on the threshold.

What tool can do all these, was that called Operation Manager? What is name of it now?

There is another function that allow me to plan on the capacity, view and forecast the capacity development. Is this also called Operation Manager, or a different tool? what is the name of the tool, if it is not Operation Manager?

If somebody can please shed some lights on these questions, I would appreciate it.




Operation Manager is a tools présent in OnCommand Core Suite tools, Latest version is  5.2 for 7Mode solutions.

You have to configure the Tool (DFM) and after go in the NMC to use Performance Advisory (Some configuration in PA).

Other Tools cacti but less information and counter and alert.

Best regards


What about Capacity Planning? Does Operation Manager also covers that?

is Performance Advisor part of Operation Manager?

I saw a video before and describe functions about Operation Manager, could not find anymore. Can you please forward the link, if you could find it?

Appreciate your help!

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