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High data modification problem with snapmirror fills the volume / LUN


Hello everyone, we have a problem with the volumes that have snapmirror activated. In normal operation, everything works well, there is self-growth, ... etc.
But when large modifications or high data loads are made on the LUN, the snap is triggered, competing with the productive data and filling the volume until the growth of the LUN stops. This produces an application stop, etc ...

There is a way to create the snaps in a "SNAP volume".
Parameterize said snap so that it does not use anything more than a% of space of the volume for example only 20% and if it exceeds that it stops the snap but does not eat free space of the possible extension of the LUN.

All ideas and experiences with snap will be well received.

Thank you very much, hello.





if you only have that snapmirror base snap: i would say that you need to run it more frequently or increase the volumes size, not much way around it.


if you have multiple snapshots and not just the base one of snapmirror. you can enable sanp auto-delete, but that's a risk as it might get to the base snapshot at the end and break the snapmirror.




Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK
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