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How can detect the active/passive port on my E5504



I have a Quantum SNFS vers. 4.3.3 installed and like a storage an E5504 with firmware The storage is connect to two Brocade using all 8 port ( 4 x 2 controller, ports 1,3 of controllers 1 and 2 to Brocade 1; ports 2,3 of controller 1 and 2 to Brocade 2  ) . I have a mix of clients with Win2k8 R2 and XP . For w2k8 r2 no problems but for Windows XP I must create a cvpaths file to create a sort of multipath for windows. But I must understand what ports NetApp set active and what ports it set passive on own controllers . Could you help me ? Thank you.


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