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'pipe state is invalid' when expanding iSCSI LUN



Filers: cDOT 8.2

iSCSI Host: Windows Server 2008 SP1

Snapdrive 7.0.3

One of my LUNs is running out of space. So i went to snapdrive on the iSCSI host to expand it. I did not choose to create a snapshot prior to expansion. All look fine until toward the end

--------------------- The complete operation list is shown as follows -------------------

********************* Server Name: SERVER *********************

1. Checking access control

2. Checking policies

3. Expanding raw disk

4. Expanding partition

5. Expanding NTFS file system on the disk

6. The pipe state is invalid. 

I've been searching around for this 'pipe state is invalid' error but found nothing relevant. Is this critical error? Is there a risk of corruptions?




this error seems to be too general. it looks to me that the volume/lun expansion on the filer is ok, but the NTFS resizing had an issue.

have a look into Windows disk manager and do a rescan disk. if you see the bigger disk with free space, then expand the NTFS partition there.

just right click the NTFS partition, select extend and follow the wizard.

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