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How do I find maximum aggregate limit for FAS2220?


We have tried to find out the maximum aggregate limit for FAS2220?


We look for the storage limit , hardware universe site and we are not able to find it out.

Storage limits (netapp.com)

8.1.4_7-Mode-FAS_EOA.pdf (netapp.com)


Any idea ?



8.1.4, as you've probably realized is an End of Support version.


This will also be limited by the amount of hard drives supported by the HA pair.


This detail is expressed in Hardware Universe.



This was pulled using the closest version we have available within the HWU site.


You could conceivably have All but 3-6 of those drives (used for the root aggregate(s)) for one large data aggregate.


My apology, this does not tell us the maximum aggregate limit. We already look at it for before.

Unfortunately this is not the right information.


I am not sure you are posting answer and confirm what your write is acceptable and trying to claim something??... I won't be accepting something that is not giving us right direction just for the seek of getting points as member of something.


Are you looking for the maximum number of aggregates or max aggr size ?


The information you're looking for can be found in some of the older documentation, as this is a significantly older system:




Because the limits you're looking for are not Hardware specific, Hardware universe is probably not going to be your best bet for that detail.



Yes, I dig into the internet to find it out. At NetApp hw universe site there is no such information.


I agree, there is no information in hwu/official netapp site. Rather, if I search internet then l come across this link which mentions it.

FAS2220 | NetApp FAS2220 Filer Head (Controller) (expresscomputersystems.com)


If you look on HWU, there is a supported RAID config. It tells you that you can only have 20 SATA/NL-SAS (FSAS) drives per raid group. You'll have to create a new RG with 2 parity drives.