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How do I find the account matching ID in "quota report"?


When I run "quota report" on cDOT, it lists something like the following.


Volume   Tree      Type    ID        Used  Limit    Used   Limit   Specifier
-------  --------  ------  -------  -----  -----  ------  ------   ---------

vol99   u               user    122    35.64MB  80MB    489   15360   *



My questions:


1.   How do I tell this is really a UNIX ID or Window ID?

2.   If this is a UNIX ID, then how do I find the matching user account? or the user would have to tell me this infor?



Anybody please share your thoughts?




Hope the below link which talks about volume quota report helps





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Numeric ID should be UNIX user ID. Quota is tracked based on the way how the access is evaluated, so also check security type. It should be unix.

When users access from Windows to unix security style paths, windows user is mapped to unix user based on name-mapping settings. If this path is accessed thru CIFS, win-unix direction mapping must be configured. You can check mapping using "diag secd name-mapping show", but reverse lookup is not possible.
Check how you map each user and determine which windows user should be mapped to this Unix user ID rather than finding such command.

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