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snapmirror to copy data


Hi Guys,


Can we use snapmirror to copy data from one filer volume to another filer volume and then break the snapmirror relationship and use both volume as differently for writing data on it. if it is then how? or if there is anyother method to copy volume from one filer to another.










Short answer Yes...but it would help if you shared some further details on your configuration and exactly what you are attempting to achieve? For example, what version of Data ONTAP are your systems running (7-Mode or Clustered Data ONTAP) and what protocols are or applications are you attempting to mirror? EG...CIFS, NFS, ISCSI...Oracle, SQL Server etc. The configuration process is differs between 7-Mode and clustered Data ONTAP. Also depending on what you are trying to do there may be multiple methods to achieve the same result (EG at the application layer) but in general snapmirror is an extremely efficent method to replicate your data.


Do you just want "test" that the data is accessible\writeable at\on an alternate system\location\data centre? If so then you might want to consider snapmirroring the volume from source to destination and then taking a storage efficent FlexClone which is writable (which you can then split to seperate volume if required)



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The NetApp SnapMirror technology provides fast, efficient data replication and disaster recovery (DR) for your critical data.


The below KB article describes about how to start a SnapMirror relationship on a new system for 7Mode & CDOT systems,






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