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How do I know which cluster node is hosting a CIFS Server?



During the last few Data OnTAP upgrades on cdot, I've noticed that givebacks get vetoed because a CIFS Server is in use. I had stopped CIFS on the CIFS Servers I thought were hosted on the node I was upgrading, but apparently I was incorrect because the one that vetoed the giveback wasn't in my list.


I had assumed you could determine which nodes hosted which CIFS connections by which node currently hosted the LIF for a CIFS Server, but that appears to be incorrect. Does anyone know how to definitively know which cluster node is hosting a CIFS Server, so I'll know which ones to disable during an upgrade?





CIFS Server is connected to a SVM and SVM is spreaded to different nodes in a cluster.


Connection from Users are made to CIFS Share which is connected to Volume. and Volume can be on any node within the SVM.


Even though your LIF is on Node1, but if you volume is on Node2, then data is accessed using LIF on Node1 using the backend connection.


You can list CIFS Sessions on each node to know how many sessions are opened or terminate the cifs while upgrade.


Hope this may help.





Thanks Raj. Makes sense that I should base it on where the volumes are hosted, not the LIFs. I had thought I'd kept all volumes for each CIFS SVM on the same node, but I may have missed one. I will check. Thanks!