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How much in-line compression do I get on AFF8080EX with Ontap 8.3.1


I have an AFF8080EX with ontap version 8.3.1.

I know that in-line compression is turn on by default.

I want to know how much in-line compression on my Netapp system.

What command can I use to check it? 

Is this command correct??

Why do not I see it here? 


dpsan2::> volume show -fields used, sis-space-saved, sis-space-saved-percent, compression-space-saved, compression-space-saved-percent -vserver Vserver1_a -volume r2mainb5_dr2prod1_data01_vol01
vserver volume used sis-space-saved sis-space-saved-percent compression-space-saved compression-space-saved-percent
---------- ------------------------------ ------ --------------- ----------------------- ----------------------- -------------------------------
Vserver1_a r2mainb5_dr2prod1_data01_vol01 5.90TB 0B 0% 0B 0%



Ok...I know why I did not see it.

This is because I move my vols from 3220 to 8080.

The vol on 3220 does not turn on the inline compression.

After move to 8080, it did not show any saving for inline compression even though the vol on 8080 is turn on after moved.

Only new data will be compressed.

I created a new vol on 8080 and copy the data over and it works fine.


Inline compression is not different from post process compression, so they are reported together.  I think the fields you want are the "*-space-saved" fields.


Use the "volume show" command with these fields:


  • sis-space-saved
  • sis-space-saved-percent
  • dedupe-space-saved
  • dedupe-space-saved-percent
  • dedupe-space-shared
  • compression-space-saved
  • compression-space-saved-percent
volume show -vserver <SVM Name> -fields sis-space-saved,sis-space-saved-percent,dedupe-space-saved,dedupe-space-saved-percent,dedupe-space-shared,compression-space-saved,compression-space-saved-percent


EDIT: This is what one of my 8.3 systems returns:


vserver volume       sis-space-saved sis-space-saved-percent dedupe-space-saved dedupe-space-saved-percent dedupe-space-shared compression-space-saved compression-space-saved-percent
------- ------------ --------------- ----------------------- ------------------ -------------------------- ------------------- ----------------------- -------------------------------
AutoLab LAB1         62.70GB         7%                      62.70GB            7%                         31.73GB             0B                      0%
AutoLab LAB2         347.9GB         36%                     347.9GB            36%                        33.25GB             0B                      0%
AutoLab LAB3         18.30GB         12%                     18.30GB            12%                        5.84GB              0B                      0%
AutoLab LAB4         48.07GB         3%                      48.07GB            3%                         20.94GB             0B                      0%
AutoLab LAB5         31.38GB         3%                      31.38GB            3%                         16.11GB             0B                      0%
AutoLab LAB6         38.20GB         27%                     38.20GB            27%                        11.00GB             0B                      0%
AutoLab LAB7         14.84GB         27%                     14.84GB            27%                        9.79GB              0B                      0%



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