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Installing a disk from another filer with an old Aggr




How does 7-mode handle a disk that is inserted that was previously owned by another filer and has been unowned:


>disk assign 0b.59 -s unowned –f



We did this procedure the other day and the disk had an Aggr name from the other filer that was not in use.  The filer put these offline and I destroyed these before using the disks.


My question is what happens if you run >disk assign 0b.59 -s unowned –f and the Aggr has the same name, eg Aggr0 as one that is already in use.



Also, does Cdot handle it differently ?






Foreign aggregate detected on new disk will be renamed to something like aggr0(0). cDOT won't show it, you will need to destroy it in nodeshell (effectively in 7-Mode), but you will need to enable &-Mode commands first; there is KB that explains it but I do not remember its number.


Thanks.  So it will always see the Aggr as foreign even if it has the same name and the disk has been assigned too it the filer ?


This is what I would expect but I want to be sure the running Aggr with duplicate name  is never taken offline.





Well, I cannot of course promise "never", but I have never observed it in my experience.