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How to Reclaim Size on the Volume

How can I reclaim space on the netapp volume


Re: How to Reclaim Size on the Volume

Hi @syedkhan


Can you please explain exactly what you are planning to do?

Re: How to Reclaim Size on the Volume

Hello Naveen,


             Apologies for the late reply actually we have some volume in which we have LUNS and the size of the volume is automatically consumed thoug I have the free space in the LUN when I am trying to increase the space it doesnt increase untill and unless autogrow size is changed. Please see the attached.



Re: How to Reclaim Size on the Volume

If you're wanting the amount of capacity consumed in the volume to reflect the amount of space in the LUN you'll need to use thin provisioning for the LUN.  However, this will only get you part of the way...by default LUNs don't shrink, i.e. if you write 1TB of data to a 2TB LUN, then delete that data the LUN will still consume 1TB of capacity in the FlexVol.  To reclaim that space you will need to UNMAP from the guest OS.  See this KB article for more information.



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