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How to cancel/re-create snapvault ?


Hi everyone,


I'm not sure about terms I'm using, but I'm pretty sure you will understand.


Here is an extract of the snapvault status -l

Source:                 source:path

Destination:            destination:path

Status:                 Idle with restart checkpoint

Progress:               20704640 KB

State:                  Uninitialized

Lag:                    00:00:00

Mirror Timestamp:       -

Base Snapshot:          -

Current Transfer Type:  Retry

Current Transfer Error: cannot connect to source filer (<-- I stopped the Snapvault Process Manager service on the server, so this state is normal)

Contents:               Transitioning

Last Transfer Type:     -

Last Transfer Size:     -

Last Transfer Duration: 00:00:00

Last Transfer From:     -


There are 65 GB to transfer, ans it takes too much time (the source server is used nearly 22h/24)

I would like to cancel this snapvault and re-create it using the -k parameter, in order to limit the used bandwith, so data could be transferred while users are working on the server


1) How can I cancel this snapvault (using command line or NetApp Management Console) ?

2) How can I re-create it using the -k parameters ?

(I tried snapvault start –k 2000 -S source:path destination:path but I've got this answer

Too many arguments.


This command is available only on a snapvault secondary.

snapvault start [-r [-f]] [-w] [-k <kbs>] [-t <n>] [-p <conn_mode>] [-o <options>] [-S [<primary_system>:]<primary_path>] [<secondary_filer>:]<secondary_path>

        where <options> is <opt_name>=<opt_value>[[,<opt_name>=<opt_value>]...]

        For more information about the available options, please see the

        SnapVault man page.)







Please follow the steps in the link https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMM1278866/html/install/manage8.htm



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I'm a bit puzzled...

This article explain you need to delete the relationship from the "secondary storage system".

I have only one Windows server, and one FAS2220.


In the relationship, I specify :

- the location of the data I want to backup (the "source" ?) = a directory on my Windows server

- the location where I want it to be backuped (the "destination" ?) = a Qtree on my FAS2220


I'm a bit confused with NettApp terminology "primary storage system", "filer", ...


"secondary" == "destination"

"primary" == "source"


You are apparently using Open Systems SnapVault, in this case primary is "normal" host (Windows/Unix) and secondary is FAS (always).




I hope it will be clearer for me now..

I'll try some command lines and we will see if it works


Thanks anyway.


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