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How to check Which index number is free to create new in name-mapping


Hi all,


Can anyone please let me know how to check how many entries are filled or from one we can use further.


Whenever im working on name-mapping entries. I need to ensure which index number is empty to create new entry.

This is very simple when our mapping entries is very small by checking name-mapping show -direction win-unix -fields indexnumber


The issue is when the environment is very BIG... say already we have 800 entries in place then each time i need to run the show command to check which index number is free.


Powershelll script or any direct netapp command is happy to implement right away.


Thanks All.




You can run a cDOT command to see only the index rule numbers, but nothing to show you which ones are unused. Powershell or some other script would be the way to go.


This is the command:


::> export-policy rule show -policyname [policy] -fields ruleindex